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With the goal of finding a versatile headjoint with a rich and warm sound and a wide range of dynamics and
tone colors, we combine the manual techniques used by artisan flute makers, woodturners and jewelers, with a
spirit of constant research and innovation. From choosing the best materials to the final adjustments, every single step of the process is carefully planned and crafted paying attention to the finest details. Each one of our headjoints has its own personality and is a unique piece, the result of a step in a lifelong learning process, infused
with effort and love for this craft.

Seamed Tube.jpg


Nowadays, most flutes are made from seamless tubes manufactured with high-precision machines. But, traditionally, the tubes were created by hand from silver sheets. These techniques were used by the finest flute makers in the 19th century, like Louis Lot and Bonneville, but have been replaced with industrial processes. 

The process of making the tube has a big influence in the sound of the flute, and a seamed tube made by hand gives the instrument unique tonal characteristics. This is why all the silver and gold tubes we use are carefully handcrafted using these traditional techniques.


The Pere Alcon Asymmetric Cut is a new kind

of embouchure cut designed to give more possibilities

to the flute. This system has been developed to blend

a rich and versatile sound with a wide range of tone colors and dynamics, allowing the flute player to

express all his musicality. 

We use the Asymmetric Cut system in all our headjoints. It can be adapted to different sizes, materials and configurations to meet the needs of each player. Conventional cut also available on request.

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